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Arts & Crafts Style Lighting.

Crestwood Design has a selection of elegant lamps that offer beautiful and functional lighting for any room. Each lamp is created using art glass which casts a soothing glow that will help ease the tensions of a hectic day. These hand made works of art provide a unique and attractive lighting that will be the focal point of any room. The right mix of lighting can have a dramatic effect on a room and when done properly will add character to a home or office. We have a choice of Art Glass and different woods available for our customers when ordering one of our elegant lamps. Please click here for further details about our Art Glass options. 

Please note all prices are in US dollars, click here for help with currency conversion.


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LMCL3.jpg (15580 bytes)

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We have created this beautiful Craftsman style lamp that is sure to be the focus of attention in any room. The lamp features intricate details and traditional construction. Notice the warm, glowing translucence of the Mica shade. This beautiful lamp recreates the charm of yesteryear by combining an authentic shade with a design reminiscent of the early 1900's. 

Craftsman Lamps   $525.00 US

 (LMCL3) 14"w x 22"h       




LAMP3.jpg (32827 bytes)

LAMP2.jpg (18720 bytes)

lamp2.jpg (54614 bytes)

lamp10.jpg (35894 bytes)

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Our stunning Table Lamps are available in various woods and a choice of Art Glass. Each lamp is unique and provides attractive and soothing lighting for any interior. The concept of form following function is reflected in the classic and unique design of these lamps.

Table Lamps (LM1)  $450.00 US

16"w x 19"h



LIMITED1.jpg (38151 bytes)

LTD1DETAIL.jpg (29410 bytes)

LTD1DETAIL2.jpg (16888 bytes)

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This elegant Arts & Crafts Table Lamp features a Mica shade, which produces a tranquil lighting. Note the fine detail of the design including the Yellow Cedar inlay of the base, the intricate detail of the pull chain and the two mullions on each face of the shade. This unique piece of art will enhance any room and  provide the perfect atmosphere to ease the tensions after a hectic day.

Arts & Crafts Table Lamp (LTD1) $755.00 US

17 1/2"w x 25"h



LMT3.JPG (17070 bytes)

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We have the ultimate lighting for any room with our stunning Tall Floor Lamp. This  work of art is available in various colours of Art Glass or Mica and will be the focal point of any home or office.

Tall Floor Lamp (LMT3)  $950.00 US

18"w x 60"h





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